How many times have you been at the beginning of a project? Now you have the chance! I offer you the new American investment -MLM project.   It is not scam!!! This is the real project.It  is the  investment in the plantations of fast-growing trees in South America. The investment is open to everyone, investments  start at $ 100. You can only invest or invest and build a MLM network. They do not promise impossible profits, but it is possible to earn enough money. Be the first or one of the first  in your country. We are at the beginning.


When we started looking for the first investors in 2015 for our “crazy idea” to plant fast-growing trees in South America, organically grow them, sell their timber fairly, do local work and contribute to the sustainable development of our blue planet, when we can actually bring the whole project into reality.

We were lucky: only a few of our first known potential investors approached their foreheads, most of them were enthusiastic to join us. So we could start realizing it quite soon.

Now, after less than two years, we are negotiating with several strategic partners in South America, where we have gained nearly 1,000 Ha.

Currently we have planted almost 70,000 trees and continue!

There are already 70,000 of us worldwide.​

 If you have an interest, contact me, please.



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